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CulturaMente fully complies with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data.
CulturaMente has taken technical measures to maintain the required level of security, as far as possible and according to the state of the art, to prevent alteration, loss or unauthorised access, depending on the type of data and the circumstances of processing.
When filling out a form is requested and personal data is collected, the customer or user of the recipient of the information will be informed about the purpose for which the data is collected, about the identity and address of the person responsible for the file and about the permission of the user to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the processing of data. The personal data collected will be processed and/or transferred only with the articulated purpose and always with the consent of the user or customer.
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Please get to know the terms on cookies at CulturaMente here.

Intellectual property rights
The website of CulturaMente, the pages that are included in that website, and the information contained therein or elements such as texts, documents, photos, drawings, graphics, databases, computer programs, as well as logos, trademarks, trade names or other characters are intellectual or industrial property which is legally protected by the owner or licensee.
CulturaMente assumes no responsibility for the legality and the legitimacy of the information on the portal pages or the elements contained therein, if the ownership is not his own, nor of the associated companies.

Prohibited and permitted use
Any form of use is forbidden, including any kind of reproduction, distribution, transfer to third parties, public communication and transformation, through any medium or medium of the above mentioned works, creations and distinctive signs without prior consent of their respective owners. The violation of this prohibition is an offence and punishable by law.
However, the user can download copies of these items for personal use at own risk, unless they violate no intellectual or industrial property. In particular, they may be not changed, modified or deleted completely or partially. This means in no case a permit or licensing of property rights.

CulturaMente does not guarantee continued access, the correct display, downloading or use of products and information on the pages of its website, which can be prevented, complicated or interrupted by factors or circumstances that are beyond the control of CulturaMente.
CulturaMente is not responsible for information and other content on websites by third parties that are accessible from its web through links or hyperlinks. This also applies to information and content from websites of third parties, which are presented in appearance or characteristics by CulturaMente, unless they are authorized by CulturaMente.
CulturaMente and its third party information providers accept no responsibility in relation to the information content of any kind, products or services that are offered through the sites by third parties or institutions even if they belong to the same group, and in particular for damages of any kind, which depend on the previous and occur through:

  • Absence of or deficiencies in the information provided to the users or their correctness, accuracy and completeness;

  • Non-compliance or improper or unpunctual compliance with agreements or pre-contractual relationships;

  • Failure to comply with the obligations which are the responsibility of the service providers of the information society;

  • Violation of consumer and user rights;

  • Violation of intellectual and industrial property;

  • Acts of unfair competition or illicit advertising;

  • Breach of data protection law, of professional secrecy and attacks on honor or reputation, personal and family privacy and image of persons;

  • Generally the violation of laws, customs codes or codes of conduct, arising from the application and

  • Any decision that will be taken based on the information provided through this portal.

Neither CulturaMente nor its third party information providers accept liability for damages, losses, complaints or expenses arising from:

  • Malfunctions, interruptions, errors, omissions, telephone breakdowns, delays, blockages or interruptions in the operation of the electronic system caused by deficiencies, overload and errors in the lines and telecommunications networks or any other cause beyond his control;

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  • Security or navigation errors caused by malfunction of the browser or the use of non-updated versions.

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