Intercultural Training

Teams in international companies and organizations use to face new challenges every day. Where people with a different cultural background work together, differences in the way to work, to communicate or to behave between the colleagues may come up.

The goal of an Intercultural Training is to develop awareness and sensitivity towards other cultures, and to train the skill of intercultural competence.

The participants learn how to recognize challenges and how to avoid pitfalls which they can meet in their daily work and life in an intercultural environment. They will also work with their own experiences, develop strategies and learn what matters in team communication.

The focus in this training for intercultural teams can also be placed on teambuilding or communication.

Schools and educational institutions may put the focus on teaching and learning in an intercultural environment.

The length of the training measure is based on the current needs of each customer (between 1 and 3 training days) and are therefore individually agreed. Request your non-binding quote.