As a coach I am certified by the EASC (European Association for Supervision and Coaching in Europe). This organisation pays attention to high quality standards.

I use to work in an organized, careful and responsible way placing importance on a clear communication.


During the coaching sessions I use the following methods:

  • Communication models by Friedemann Schulz von Thun (communication square, inner team)

  • Transaction analysis by Eric Berne

  • Theme Centred Interaction Methodology (TCI) by Ruth Cohen

  • Psychodrama by Jacob Levy

  • Systemic questions

The coach accompanies his client (coachee) during the implementation of a personal goal defined by himself. Coaching is a process and requires more than one session with time intervals in between.

The following elements are important:

  • A trustful environment:
    A protected space allows the coach to acompany his client (coachee) during his personal work.

  • Willingness to cooperate and to compromise:
    The coachee receives tasks so that he can advance little by little and gets closer to his goal. The readyness to compromise is important for the progress within the coaching process.

  • Time and patience:
    Coaching is a process that takes a period of time and therefore requires some patience.

  • A new perspective:
    Coaching is a very good opportunity to achieve an improvement in the near future oft he coachee.

There are different reasons to start with a coaching. The motivation for a coaching depends on the individual situation of each person and should be cleared up in the beginning oft he coaching process.

I am specialized in the following areas of work:

  • Changes in working life

  • Changes in private life

  • Optimization of Work-Life-Balance

  • Improvement of communication

  • Preparation of a stay abroad

I use to work with single persons and groups.

Individual coaching is suitable for companies as well as for private persons.

Group coachings are suitable for companies, organizations and educational institutions.

Before the beginning of a coaching a personal conversation is recommendable.

In this way coach and coachee do have the opportunity to get to know each other and to find out if they can work well together. This is creating transparency and building up trust.

Thereby I offer the possibility to my clients to decide if I am the right coach for their needs.

In the beginning of a coaching the goals and the amount of the planned sessions will be agreed exactly.

Price on request.

Do you want to start with a coaching? Please contact me here.